Jo Ann Tomaselli, Photographer, US – North Carolina

Jo Ann Tomaselli, Photographer –  by Sharon Cummings, former featured artist

I have always been drawn to exceptional photography.  When I had the great opportunity to discover Jo Ann Tomaselli’s work, I was delighted.  Her artistry encompasses many subject matter including landscapes, still life, conceptual and floral.  However, it is her portraits that I find absolutely riveting.  She has a way of capturing a person’s soul with her camera lens. The eyes tell a story and Jo Ann is there to capture it.  Since I have had the pleasure of meeting this photographer in person on several occasions, it is obvious to me why she can capture so much with her lens.  She is a highly intuitive person with great compassion and skill.  Her spirituality shines through in all that she does and says.  She is a light and her work reflects this.  We have been on two photo shoots together and I felt like a spectator relishing in watching her work her magic.  Her work is a “must see” in online photography. Welcome this fine North Carolina photographer to Douglas MooreZart’s From 1 Artist 2 Another Blog!


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45 thoughts on “Jo Ann Tomaselli, Photographer, US – North Carolina

  1. I’m traveling in Scandinavia and apologize for being late to the conversation here! I wish to thank all of you for your heart warming comments, Sharon for your humbling introduction and Douglas for your commitment to all artists by creating the artist to artist blog site. I look forward to seeing not only the work of future featured artists but your amazing work as well Douglas 🙂 Thank You!


    • Jo Ann, wonderful to hear from you! I hope your trip will cause a lot of new wonderful work as only you can do! It seems you are a sensation, at least here on this little blog…for you have had a lot of “new” fans come forward! I look forward to seeing which artist you want to share with all of us soon. You are so very welcome my good friend!


    • Sharon, I’m honored that you chose to share my work here on Douglas’ amazing WP site and I’m humbled by your introduction. I apologize for my late reply – my technical abilities are challenged under normal circumstances but especially so when overseas and dealing with wifi, internet connections and data roaming – lol!


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    I am reblogging these amazing photos. It is such a delight to see these pictures. I think you will agree they are worth a look and another look!


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