James Aiken, Photographer, US – NYC

James Aiken, Photographer by Jo Ann Tomaselli, former featured artist

As a photographer, one of my great pleasures is to view an image by another photographer and have my breath taken away.  I can honestly say that this happens every time I see an image by New York City artist James Aiken. Possing masterful architectural perception and visual story telling capabilities, James coaxes the beauty out of NYC. His images traverse the undiscovered beauty in Central Park and Grand Central Station then delve into the rarely visited underbelly of back alleys and subway stations.

A virtuoso of the zone system – the gold standard of B&W photography – his exceptionally executed images of landmarks and abstracts jump off the page, grab your attention and take you on a visual journey. I know you’ll enjoy the rhythm, detail, grit, grime and beauty of James’ entire portfolio so I highly recommend you grab a cup of coffee, sit back & enjoy his view of the world – you’ll be glad you did! Welcome James Aiken, as featured artist here on Douglas MooreZart’s From 1 Artist 2 Another Blog!

Artist statement by James Aiken

I currently live and work in the New York City area, a far cry from a childhood in the splendors of rural Vermont. I’m an unabashed introvert and so I enjoy observing all that surrounds me without feeling the need to be an integral part of the proceedings. My goal as an artist is to find beauty in the mundane and ordinary, through critical examination and contemplation of the subject, without alteration of the scene…
…And sometimes I just get lucky by being in the right place at the right time.



Gallery 3 – Aiken’s Point of View


Gallery 2 – James Aiken, A Colorful Guy!

Gallery 1 – New York POV

19 thoughts on “James Aiken, Photographer, US – NYC

  1. Wonderful tribute to an amazing photographer James. He sees New York in a very unique way, he brings out the very essence of the Big Apple for all of us to see and enjoy!


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