Mariko Evans, Photographer, Canada – Vancouver

Mariko Evans, Photographer

Welcome Mariko Evans, as featured artist here on my From 1 Artist 2 Another Blog! Thank you Mike Osborn, former featured artist, for introducing me to Mariko! – Douglas Moorezart

Artist Statement

A dreamer. Word lover. Art lover. Dog lover. Moon lover. Novice yet passionate Tango learner…I don’t dislike rainy days. I have a relationship with Sky, Sea and Clouds. No smart brain to make lies. I often forget the world. Absolute feeling driven…Perfectly imperfect.

I was born and raised in Japan. After living & traveling many countries I am now living in Canada. I don’t consider myself as a photographer – I am more like…a self-proclaimed shooting addict. I bought my first SLR (film) about 20 years ago…and at the time, pursuing a career as a professional photographer was not realistic but photography had long been a favorite hobby of mine. Like everyone, I had my ups and downs in both personal and professional areas of my life and shooting became a source of therapy for me. It gave me a lot of energy , motivation and joy. After a great deal of struggle, I returned to the place where I was 20 years ago. What is photography to me?

Photography is about seeing something I’ve never seen.
Photography is about reflecting myself.
Photography is my language when my words get jumbled.
Photography is about lights.
Photography is about darkness
Photography is about life that I can never get rid of – no matter what.

Links to Mariko’s websites below. Do visit her after viewing this wonderful slide show of her exceptional photography!

Mariko Evans Photography Website
Bohemian’s eye: Website  Facebook page
Bohemian’s eye street & shadows: Web site
My world on mute: Website  Facebook 

16 thoughts on “Mariko Evans, Photographer, Canada – Vancouver

  1. Greetings from Vancouver! Firstly, I thank you Mike, your works never ceases to amaze me…Secondly thank you Douglas for putting those images together – visiting all my sites (yes I run 4 different sites for different images and purposes), picking up those images…it must have been a lot of work. And then thank you also for all those who “like”d and left kind comments, taking time to see my photographs…much appreciated. Peace & Light. Mariko


    • Mariko it was a thrill to “meet” you and share your sensitive and powerful work with all my blog readers and friends! I hope that from your feature you will find some new admirers of you and the wonderful world you share with all of us! – Douglas


  2. I just had the great honor of being photographed by Mariko. It was a completely intoxicating experience. The resulting photos are the most alive, artful and astonishing images I have yet experienced. Mariko’s command of her art form is highly refined and it allows her to shoot from an intuitive place of pure expression.


    • Oh well hello Kevin! It was pleasure working with you, I immensely enjoyed our session…we’re so blessed with the magical lights and shadows on that day….like I said I forgot the world and lost in time axis… : ) Mariko


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