Sarah Burman, Designer, UK – Bath

saraburmanSarah Burman from Bath, England is our featured artist.  Sarah is a designer focusing on textiles, illustration, branding, typography and packaging. Included below is a sampling of her design work. Thank you Sarah for agreeing to be featured here on from1artist2another  – Douglas

Artist Statement:

I have been designing professionally since 2008 after graduating from Bath Spa University. As well as being a qualified graphic designer, I’m also a digital illustrator and web administrator. My current and previous clients include companies within the fashion, cosmetic, catering and home-ware industries. When I’m not working, I’m craft making, I really enjoy working with textiles.  My portfolio can be found at

I also have a great interest in vintage paraphernalia and I have a WordPress blog where I post images of crafts I make called “My Beautiful Blog” at    I’m always on the look out for new challenges and constantly trying to push myself to achieve the best results I can.  The idea of this site really, was to catalogue my craft making. Since moving into a cottage with my boyfriend I’ve become obsessed with homeware and don’t even get me started on when it’s Christmas or Halloween! I love objects that have been aesthetically considered as opposed to just existing for their purpose. I love things that capture your imagination or take you back to your childhood and I suppose I try to do this when I’m creating. I started getting into sewing when the rebirth of bunting happened, I got caught up in it and pretty much everyone I knew got a length of bunting for Christmas! I think this gave me the confidence to try new things.


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