Selin Sevencan, Photographer, US – San Francisco

SelinSelin Sevencan is from Istanbul, Turkey and now lives in beautiful San Francisco, California. As it turns out, Selin is very modest about her photography and sees herself as a “novice photographer” who is learning as she goes. I assured her she was being quite successful and that in fact all artists are “learning as they go”. I love her fresh, candid perspective and sense of color. Do visit her blog and find more from her recent trip to Italy and France. Welcome Selin to the from1artist2another  now international blog of artists! – Douglas

Artist Statement:

Douglas, I am pleased to share my “Life Moments” on your blog from1artist2another!  I live in San Francisco, California with an original Turkish accent and I work in IT project management. This city inspired me visually and revealed to me a love of photography and has provided color to my colorless IT life in San Francisco.  I wouldn’t call myself a “photographer” yet as I am still in the process of learning photography. I am interested in street and nature photography, as you can see from my blog. 

Selin Sevencan on wordpress:



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