Steven Reed, Photographer, US – Colorado

“I seek the wonderful beautiful moments in time, in nature, and in life.”

Steven Reed, Photographer – by James Aiken former featured artist

steven selfie

The only known “selfie” of Steven Reed!

As a photographic artist myself, it is not often that I see an image, which makes me stop in my tracks and really study another photographer’s vision. However, the landscape and wildlife images of Colorado based photographer Steven Reed do exactly that. To produce truly great landscape photographs you need to have three things: location, composition, and light; and Steven Reed is a master at finding and capturing all three of these elements.

Steven’s ability to set-up and compose an image in the black of night in order to capture the most glorious dawn is extraordinary; as is his ability to travel to beautiful locales to witness and record the most dramatic of sunsets. His use of foreground elements and water to enhance the experience and draw you in is masterful, and his craftsmanship is evident in every image he produces. So take a visual journey through the wilderness that is Steven’s home and return refreshed, inspired, and amazed.

Please welcome Steven Reed, this week’s featured artist, on Douglas MooreZart’s “From 1 Artist 2 Another” blog.

– James Aiken

Artist Statement

With my photography I try to capture and share the beauty and drama of nature for others to see and enjoy.  Moments in life are forever gone, unless someone sees them, senses their mood, and brings them to others to feel and enjoy – moments such as a pet patiently waiting to be let in, the last moment of sunlight or a cowboy contemplating a camp-side fire.

When I’m out hiking in the darkness, using a headlamp to see, wondering what sunrise will bring, I am after those special moments. Moments such as the sun rising and bathing everything in its light. For me this is an incredible moment. I hope to bring these moments from my journeys right to you.

– Steven Reed


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    • Robyn, thanks for visiting my artist sharing blog. Steven is very modest and I’m sure he will appreciate hearing how well received his gorgeous photography has been!


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