Richard Robinson, Painter, New Zealand

 “…the thoughts of the world begin here every morning.”

richardRichard Robinson, Painter

Born in 1975, originally a graphic designer, Richard started painting full time in 2001. In his native New Zealand he is well known for his land and seascapes. Much of his work now resides in private and corporate collections worldwide. More recently Richard has become a popular teacher through his instructional videos sold primarily through his teaching website (see link below).  You will also find a link to Richard’s blog below.
Artist’s Statement:

It wasn’t until I began painting my homeland at the beginning of 2002 that familiar scenes became new and exciting. I return to the beaches I’ve seen so often through my childhood and am filled with a new sense of wonder.  A beach is so much more than sand and water. What is that feeling you get when you step onto a beach? How can you paint that? I can’t. What I can do is show you a beach with no footprints, no people – a vast expanse of pristine sand which invites you to walk its length. There’s something about being there: a sense of peace, of wholeness, something healing.

To walk in the shade of a tree that’s generations old, on a deep blanket of sparkling shells and rocks – the product of millennia, to hear the crashing of a wave who’s origin was a gust of wind countless miles over the horizon. These are the things you return with, and these are the memories I want to stir with my paintings.

 I will ever be a painter of the one thing – light. New Zealand has a very special light upon it because of its position on Earth – a longitude shared only in part by South America and Australia. It is also the first country to see the light of each new day, which means the thoughts of the world begin here every morning. My thought for the day – you’re only here for a short time, so spend it doing something you love. Favorite quote: “When someone buys a work of art it gives the artist permission to create another.”




Richard Robinson teaching website:

Richard Robinson blog:

13 thoughts on “Richard Robinson, Painter, New Zealand

  1. Well it’s always a great pleasure on your blog dear Douglas, because I can see (we can see) really very greats artworks and I think this figurative’s work is very wonderfull. I like very much your work Mr Robinson. Congratulation from France.


    • So wonderful to hear from you my painting friend! Glad you came to visit. I thought you would like Richard’s work! 🙂 All the best to you, Douglas


    • Always love hearing from you Guilhem (one of my favorite former featured painters!) Glad you liked Richard’s work. Its so colorful and full of life – as is yours!


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