Mabry Campbell, Photographer, US – Houston, Texas

” To achieve my vision takes many hours of post processing. The techniques I use are time intensive and I have an affinity for paying attention to the smallest of details.”

mcampbellMabry Campbell, photographer

Mabry Campbell is an international award winning fine art and commercial architectural photographer based in Houston, Texas. He shoots for an array of clients including architecture firms, constructions companies, interior designers, investment banks, and property owners.

Artist Statement

My fine art photography style has its roots in commercial architectural photography. When I work on a project with an architect, engineer, or designer it is paramount to capture the essence of the building…to show through one photograph what the architect was trying to do or say in the design. These commercial images, what I like to call “architectural clarity”, show the real life buildings and emphasize their essence. My fine art work takes this platform as a base and I dramatically build upon it to create my own vision.

In these fine art images, each building was studied before I took my main exposure. I look at the architect’s original drawing because these break the design down into its essential components. I look at the surrounding buildings to see how the design relates to its environment. I take numerous photos of the building as a tool to further help me recognize the architect’s design. It is only at this point that I take my main exposure with the purpose of making a fine art image.

My main exposure is merely a starting point. The only “life” that it has is clarity of an architect’s vision. However, once this is properly recorded in the exposure I can begin to add my own vision to it. I do not change the volumes of buildings as a means to achieve my vision. To do so would alter the essence or clarity of the building away from what the architect was trying to achieve, and typically I do not want to challenge an architect’s work. It is my desire for the architect to recognize my fine art image as his/her design.

I do like to work in series whenever possible. It enhances the clarity of purpose in my work. At any one time I have a dozen themes in mind, or works in progress on at least 2 of those themes. So when I see a building of interest, I typically find it interesting because it relates to a current theme. Therefore, when I begin making images I had a very clear idea on where they will end up. This is clarity of vision. It is not always “strong as steel” on each image, but it is always present.

To achieve my vision takes many hours of post processing. The techniques I use are time intensive and I have an affinity for paying attention to the smallest of details. After all, the architect did the same and I should hold myself to no less of a standard. My vision and style always throws the images out of reality as far as possible without compromising the essence of the building/design. This is achieved through long exposures, black and white conversions, and by altering the light. All of these elements are present in these images.


GALLERY 5 – How did he do that? – 6 Tutorials from Mabry Campbell  (see all 13 here)

Infrared White Balance Workflow In RAW – The Making Of “Kemah Lighthouse”

Infrared White Balance Workflow In RAW – The Making Of “Kemah Lighthouse”

KPN Tower ~ Working Dynamics I

Making of “KPN Tower ~ Working Dynamics” – A Road To Fine Art

Sky Watcher v2

Before-And-After Tutorial for “Sky Watcher”

Molten Lake Point

A Road To Fine Art ›› Molten Lake Point


Empire State Building Skyline SC – Shooting Through Windows


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GALLERY 2 – The Colorful Side of Mabry Campbell

 Click any photo for enlarged image

 GALLERY 1 – Divine Black and Whte

 Click any photo for enlarged image


24 thoughts on “Mabry Campbell, Photographer, US – Houston, Texas

  1. I’ve long been a follower and admirer of Mabry’s very bold and dramatic work and am pleased to see this feature. When I approach my own architectural photography, I have a one eye on what he manages to achieve.


    • You should know Mike that Mabry was very pleased to see you already featured on from1artist2another! Indeed he is a great inspiration. And to top it off, so willing to share what he has learned through his wordpress blog. Very best to you Mike!


      • Great! I”d love that. I thank you Mike!!

        Check out his blog. I know there are at least two video tutorials on his method/process for some of his work – including a phenomenal architectural image. There may be more than those two. Mabry indicated, when we last spoke, that when he has time he tries to add to these short but detailed aids. A most generous fella!


  2. Thanks very much Douglas! Very considerate of you. It’s always interesting which of my images others choose to show. I like the choices…even me in the blue lagoon in Iceland. 🙂


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