Nicolas V. Sanchez, Painter, US – Michigan

 ” I try and maintain a painting practice that allows each piece that is created to survive and stand alone without me. Each image or painting should be painted in the way it needs to be painted. “

195502-10143165-Self_portrait_jpgNicolas V. Sanchez, Painter

Born in Michigan, Nicolas V. Sanchez received his BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI and his MFA from the New York Academy of Art. While at the Academy, Sanchez was selected for a summer residency in Shanghai and Beijing, China, and a residency in the Dominican Republic where he worked and taught at Altos de Chavon. He was also awarded the 2014 New York Academy of Art Post-Graduate Fellowship Award. Sanchez has exhibited his work in group and solo shows in New York, Michigan, China, and Italy. His work has been featured in VOGUE Italia, Vanity Fair, Io Donna, Espoarte, Drawing Magazine, and Fine Art Connoisseur.

Artist Statement

I explore the ideas of inheritance, and the identity that is simultaneously lost and gained through legacy.  Extracting from my bi-cultural experiences growing up, I use imagery from my family’s rural Mexican history and the American Midwest to activate a personal sense of uncertainty and familiarity of space. As a child I used to go outside and venture into the woods collecting bugs and teaching myself about nature. I always had an affinity for animals and nature. I recall those times when I think about finding links and overlaps to my past and inherited legacies.

The animals come from my family’s rural Mexican history.  My father told me a story about a horse that was given to him by my great-grandfather. My great-grandfather was a breeder of show horses in Mexico and was very well known. He once gifted my dad a faulty white horse as a pet because he couldn’t sell it. They called him Ojo de Vidrio [Glass Eye] on account of his defective cloudy eye. This horse reappears in my work often. As characters, or even haunting icons from the past, I use rural animals as a bridge from another place and time

I really believe that developing a sense of elasticity in my studio practice has helped me a lot.  It has kept each experience of making each piece of work, painting or drawing, new and fresh. I am forced to revisit each medium with fresh eyes, hands, and mind. Contrary to the non-erasable and ‘restrictive’ idea about drawing in ink, my colored ballpoint pen drawings offer a sense of freedom. My first mark is also my last mark. There’s no taking it back, so why worry about it? I just keep drawing. They do, however, require discipline and agility. These drawings also allow me to sit down and block out my environment, slow down time, and almost draw in sync with my breathing.

Painting has its own range I like to explore.  I try and maintain a painting practice that allows each piece that is created to survive and stand alone without me. Each image or painting should be painted in the way it needs to be painted. I couldn’t paint my young niece the same as my grandfather who passed away before I could get to know him. My relationship to each subject I paint is unique, and I attempt to have my approach to the painting run parallel to that relationship, experience, feeling, or memory.  Source – Fine Art Connoisseur









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    • Hey Allan!, great to hear from you and you are welcome! Nicolas is a very talented young painter. I will be posting several more works of his throughout the week. 🙂


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