Denise Dube, Photographer, US – California – Long Beach

 ” I approach photography much as Alfred Hitchcock approached making films. “

imageDenise Dube, Photographer, US – California – Long Beach

I approach photography much as Alfred Hitchcock approached making films. He once said ‘I don’t create pictures, I make goosebumps’. I suppose you could say, that is what I strive for! I started out as a bored American teenager when my father took a Job in the Middle East. That was when the passion of photography found me.  Soon after, I was paid by International Newspapers and travel publications for my work by age 15.  I am so lucky to live in the City of Long Beach in Southern California. The location affords me the opportunity to shoot almost any genre on a whim – black and white, night (blue hour) and landscape are my passions. Much of my work is on exhibit in Long Beach California at: Liberty Gallery, CALB Gallery in Shoreline Village, Bungalow Gallery and an extensive exhibit at Paradise Restaurant through January 2015. My architecture and real estate photos are featured throughout 2015 in MSN Life Style. “Broken’ is presently on the AIF Museum road tour from New York. It is also being shown in Russia’s contemporary Museum of Art.

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6 thoughts on “Denise Dube, Photographer, US – California – Long Beach

  1. I was very lucky to meet Ms. Dube last month at Photo Con at The Reef in Los Angeles last month while waiting in line to purchase a few items. At the time I didn’t realize who I was taking to but a very nice person who told me she shot photography as a professional. Her story of her photography journey from childhood to the present time was fantastic! Ms. Dube was very generous giving me advise on what to look for in my new found hobby and it was simply ” Have fun and the rest will come”. She was also kind enough to invite me to her art exhibit in Long Beach. After viewing some of her work on line. I realize how lucky I was to meet Ms. Dube . But more importantly I appreciate the conversation we had even more. I appreciate her philosophy, work, and her artistic vision through the glass. A true artist!

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    • Robert, what a fantastic story! Thanks so very much for sharing. I’ve known Denise for about three years and have a great deal of respect for her and her work! Best of luck to you !


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