Marco Oliveira, Photographer, Portugal

” I never thought of photography as a business. I was afraid it would became just another job.”

marco-oliveira-1397950041-mediumMarco Oliveira. Photographer, Portugal

I was born in 1976, in Portugal. Grew up in a small town in the countryside and later, at the age of 18, moved on to the big city. It was a difficult transition at the beginning, but in time I learned to love and enjoy the beauty of both. But, truth be told, I still favor nature over concrete! Thankfully, in either case, the marine coast has always been a short drive away! I’m not saying I like the beach – because I don’t! – but I love the seascapes! I’m happily married and father of one gorgeous boy!

I fell in love with TV and movies very early on in my life. Not surprisingly, that dictated my future: I’m a TV producer, journalist and film critic! I’ve produced several TV shows and I’ve written movie reviews for several newspapers and magazines, including Premiere, Total Film and, currently, Empire. Besides writing movie reviews, I’ve also written articles on film and conducted a lot of interviews with the cast and crew of several films. This is, of course, where you’ll find the foundations of my photography.

Having said that, it’s easy to understand how pictures have always been a meaningful part of my life. But at a certain age, I got sick and tired of moving pictures.… Well, not really, but turning my movie passion into my line of work changed a few things in me and in the way I watch movies. That’s why I never thought of photography as a business. I was afraid it would became just another job. Photography has been a safe haven from my daily routine, an escape route from everything (and sometimes everybody).

But the times they are a-changin’… I’ve kept photography bound with shackles, and it’s time to set it free. I’m approaching it as a fresh start. I want to capture everything, from the majestic landscape to the tiniest detail of daily life. Whether I’m planing a photo shoot days in advance, or just bumping into things in the street, one thing is certain: a camera is always with me. My weapon of choice is a Nikon DSLR, but I’m not ashamed to confess my love with Hipstamatic for iPhone!




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