Dianne Massey Dunbar, Painter – US – Colorado

Me Photo (good)“I love to paint! Every painting is an adventure, with opportunities and challenges. A few works paint themselves, seemingly effortlessly. Other paintings yield an almost life and death struggle.”

Dianne Massey Dunbar, Painter – US – Colorado

When Dianne Massey Dunbar was very young, her elementary school teacher noticed that she possessed “unusual artistic talent”. Her parents immediately set up private art lessons with artist, illustrator and instructor, Harold Wolfinbarger, Jr. She studied with him for several years and mastered skills like drawing and mixing paint early on. Other of Massey Dunbar’s influences include Quang Ho, Mark Daily, and Vincent Van Gogh.

Dianne Massey Dunbar has received much praise and recognition for her work, including numerous awards and honorable mentions at shows and exhibitions across the country. This recognition, she says, makes all her sacrifices as an artist worthwhile. Dianne currently resides in Denver, Colorado, where she paints continuously and is actively involved with Denver’s Art Students League.

Artist Statement

 I think we all have an important place in the world at large and are equipped with unique skills and resources. Some of us are called to be doctors, others to be lawmakers or dancers or carpenters or electricians or teachers or florists. My world, my role, is to paint; to use my training and whatever talent I have to create images that are meaningful to me and hopefully have an impact on others. In a way it is like storytelling but my paintings are my voice. There are other aspects to the role of an artist beyond painting that may include encouraging fellow artists, leadership, teaching and involvement. Primarily through, I need to show up at the easel.

A few works paint themselves, seemingly effortlessly. Other paintings yield an almost life and death struggle. Whatever the outcome, I always learn something. It is intoxicating. It is unpredictable. Painting for me is an ongoing process of discovery. I paint ordinary objects and scenes from everyday life. While I have the highest respect for artists who paint vistas and exquisite nudes and the like, I believe that there is a great deal of beauty in the world that often goes unnoticed. The amazing color in raindrops, the variety in fallen autumn leaves, the interesting greens one finds in a stack of French fries, there are endless opportunity for paintings. My hope is that people view the world just a little bit differently after seeing my paintings.


Article in SouthWest Art Magazine: http://www.southwestart.com/featured/massey-dunbar-d-nov2012

Interview with Oil Painters of America: http://blog.oilpaintersofamerica.com/2013/02/dianne-massey-dunbar-interview/

 Gallery 6 – Its the Little Things


Gallery 4 – Our Town


Gallery 3 – On the Menu Today


Gallery 2 – Wet!

Gallery 1 – Scenes From Everyday Life


7 thoughts on “Dianne Massey Dunbar, Painter – US – Colorado

  1. Well, I think it’s an excellent work. I like it very, very much. Congratulation Diane. Your’e an excellent artist. Bravo pour ce merveilleux travail que j’adore, que dire de plus ? Bravo et encore bravo.


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