W. West, Photographer – US

“I like to think that there is a distinct link between poetry and photographs…poetry is, after all, a language based on imagery”

w_02-copyW. West, Photographer – US

As a photography enthusiast, I have an intense desire to create. I love all forms of art and artistic expression.  Aside from my “artistic” day job, I consider my blog (west517photos.wordpress.com) a sort of playground for whatever muse I might be chasing at the moment. 

I like to think that there is a distinct link between poetry and photographs … poetry is, after all, a language based on imagery and in that sense I attempt to communicate how a particular image speaks to or about me. Warm beaches, soft sunsets, the feeling of wonder, possibility and abandon are things we all love so. Whether I am creating an image, graphic or concept art, I try to reach into those things within myself and am usually just as surprised as everyone else at what comes out on the other side. And in that way, I don’t feel like it’s me at all, maybe it’s a beach or a flower or a sunset speaking… I just try to listen in.

Recently my friend and fellow blogger W. West lost her blog!

Overnight her scores of followers were lost in the shuffle! For quite some time I had been thinking of featuring Ms. West’s work but hadn’t quite made it happen. When I heard the news that her blog was inadvertently deleted, well I knew it was the perfect time to run this feature of her sun-filled photography! And so I share with you this week her wonderful work and ask all that read this feature to head over to west517photos.wordpress.com and re-follow this wonderful artist. We all are wishing her a new fresh start and a big measure of deserved success!   – Douglas

Gallery 5 – Poetic License

Gallery 4 – Color My World

Gallery 3 – HEAD WEST!

Gallery 2 – It’s a Good Sign!


Gallery 1 – Shorelines and Sunsets

11 thoughts on “W. West, Photographer – US

    • I LOVE that Jane “sun-filled”! I think I’ll borrow that from you and include that perfect description in her feature! Have a wonderful day and weekend Jane!


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