Priska Wettstein, Photographer, Canada – YT, Dawson City

“Even though I love Winter I welcome Spring every year. Beautiful to see everything is coming back to life.”

Priska Wettstein, Photographer, Canada – Dawson City

Priska Wettstein calls herself a “picture taker”.  She moved from Switzerland to Dawson City in the Yukon Territory of Canada in 2011.  Priska and her husband, Paul, own and run the Aurora Inn – a highly rated gem of a hotel in the heart of the Yukon. In her spare time Priska does her photography which includes still lifes, landscapes and conceptual art. Priska says that “shapes and colors in nature are my inspiration and I love to arrange still lifes to highlight the natural beauty of everyday objects.”  Many have been heard to comment on the ethereal, delicate and haunting quality of her images.  Priska also works with Red Edge, a boutique image library, supplying high quality images to publishers worldwide, mainly for fiction book covers.

Gallery 4 -Priska Wettstein Picture Taker

Gallery 3 – Ether

Gallery 2 – Highly Valued

Gallery 1 – Natural

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