Seyfettin Dincturk, Photographer, Turkey / Croatia

“I’m a literature student who is in love with street and portrait photography.”

seyfettinbioSeyfettin Dincturk, Photographer, Turkey / Croatia

My name is Seyfettin Dincturk and I was born in Manisa, Turkey.  My curiosity about photography began when I was a child –  I started with a polaroid camera. I bought my first DSLR camera in 2011 and began taking photography seriously. After completing high school, I moved to Izmir and then to Istanbul. Subsequently my studies took me to Slavonski Brod, Edirne and Ljubljana. All of this traveling has been a great resource and inspiration for my photography.

I am now residing in Zadar, Croatia where I am in the last year of my studies – Croatian Language and Literature. Thanks Douglas for inviting me to be a featured artist at From 1 Artist 2 Another! – Seyfettin

Gallery 4 – Portraits Part 2

Gallery 3 – Black & White

Gallery 2 – Portraits

Gallery 1 –  Travels with Seyfettin Dincturk

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