Alex Plasko, Photographer, US – Arizona

“I took on the challenge of learning photography as a means to an end”

ap001Alex Plasko, Photographer, US – Arizona

My journey into the world of photography began out of necessity; I needed to photograph a series of products that I developed. I’ve always found great pleasure in learning, so I took on the challenge of learning photography as a means to an end, but didn’t predict that it would become such an integral creative outlet in my life. Now, many years later, I find the creativity and artistic release of photography to be an essential part of my life. What began as a tool of necessity so many years ago has blossomed into a cornerstone of experience.

Artist statement:

Art is borne of the necessity to interpret and communicate the human experience. While photography is a static medium, there is no reason it cannot communicate the fluidity and dynamism of life. I always strive to capture the feeling and essence of a location, event, or random inspiration in order to preserve and share my experience with others.

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