Mike Osborn, Photographer, UK – London

“I’m very fond of low light photography and the power of monochrome.”

10945781_10152699772511245_1215089758041039819_nMike Osborn, Photographer, UK – London

Its been one year since I started From 1 Artist 2 Another – an opportunity to share other artists with you. My first featured artist was Mike Osborn. We ‘bumped into each other’ here on planet wordpress! I was instantly in tune with his photography which captures his corner of the world with both a modern and classical sensibility. He is a self-described “London photographer capturing sweeping views and intricate details.” Mike’s specialities are “architecture, the sights of London, night photography and macro – or close-up shots.”  Now after one year I’ve checked back to see what Mike has been up to. And he just gets better and better! Here are some of the latest works in a brand new 2015 gallery!

About Mike’s Equipment

My primary camera is the Fuji X-E1, which is bristling with digital function but has retro styling. I prefer to stay in manual mode and maintain control over my shots.

I also own a vintage Soviet Zenit film camera, which is completely manual. It’s been an experience getting to grips with it and comes out only on rare occasions.

A new addition is an Olympus-35 EC, a nifty little point and shoot film camera manufactured at the start of the 1970s.

You can find Mike at:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/osbornmichael

Twitter: @mikeosbornphoto

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mikeosbornphoto

6 thoughts on “Mike Osborn, Photographer, UK – London

  1. Douglas, it’s a great honour to be featured – thank you very much. I think from 1 Artist 2 Another is an excellent idea, and I for one will be spreading the word. Greetings from London – my little corner of the world!


    • Mike, you are so very welcome! It was great to meet you and share your work. I’m glad that some of the people I know now know about you. I look forward to featuring an artist of your choice in the near future! Cheers and keep up your excellent work! Douglas


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