Jos Van Riswick, Painter, Netherlands – Nijmegen

Β “I paint traditional still lifes and portraits in oils, seeking a sense of order, harmony and transcendence.”

josvanriswickJos Van Riswick, Painter, Netherlands – Nijmegen

I am a Dutch still life and portrait painter building on the legacy of the Dutch Masters. I am always seeking a sense of order, harmony and transcendence. My passion for painting came quite late in my life. I graduated as a physicist and worked at the university for a number of years. Science, however, turned out not to be my true calling and he decided to make the switch from science to art.

On Technique

In painting I try to stay faithful to what I see. If possible I use the sight-size method. This means that you put your subject as close to your canvas as possible, so that one can view both at the same time, without turning the head. Preferably, differences between the painting and subject are observed from 10 feet away or so. This makes comparison easy. If you can actually reproduce in paint everything you see, is another question. This method has been applied by many 19th century ‘salon’ painters, like John Singer-Sargent.

My palette more or less consists of a warm and cool version of all primary and secondary colors (plus green). Of those, I prefer the most saturated pigments I can find. In addition I use a lot of transparent oxide red, because this is very suitable to mix greys, in combination with ultramarine blue.

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12 thoughts on “Jos Van Riswick, Painter, Netherlands – Nijmegen

    • How wonderful to hear from you Guilhem! I’m so glad you like Jos’ work! And by the way I really like all the new work YOU are doing. We will have to feature you again on my blogs! Take care – πŸ™‚


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