Cornelis Verwaal, Photographer, US – NYC

cornelis verwaalCornelis Verwaal, Photographer, US – NYC

Its been over a year since I checked in with Cornelis and I’m glad I did. His excellent work is always a joy to share with you! See gallery No. 2 for a look at his latest work! And here is my original feature on Cornelis:

I first discovered Cornelis Verwaal in 2013. I was instantly drawn in to his work, his sensibilities. What is it about Cornelis that made him stand out from so many other New York photographers?

Is it his uncanny ability to find “the decisive moment” in the vein of Henri Cartier-Bresson? Is it his mastery of light and shadow, of composition? Perhaps. Or perhaps its the way he affirms the humanity of us all and does it in the midst of one of the most populous, hurried, compact cities in the world. People on their cell phones, people proposing, people singing and playing instruments, people eating lunch or pondering modern art. Even when viewing Cornelis’ purely architectural photography you sense the people who inhabit New York’s structures, streets and stairways. You see signs of them all around, even when they are not seen.

Thank you Cornelis for so graciously opening your studio to my readers at from1artist2antoher!   – Douglas

Artist Statement: 

I’m a New York based photographer and former researcher/archivist at the Time Life Picture Collection. I’ve been taking pictures since I was a boy growing up in the Netherlands and I still have a passion for capturing the beauty of the world around me, especially Central Park and the streets of New York City.

My work has appeared on numerous websites and in various magazines and other publications including:

  • Building New York  “The Rise and Fall of the Greatest City on Earth” by Bruce Mashall. Rizzoli, 2005.
  • New York City Yesterday and Today by Linda Tagliaferro; Publications International; 2009.
  • Panorama TRAVEL – Italian edition December 2010.
  • Active Design Guidelines ©2010, City of New York – promoting physical activity and health in design.
  • West Side Rag -News about the Upper West Side of NYC
  • Central Park NYC – An Architectural View by Andrew Zega and Bernd H. Dams; Rizzoli, New York 2013.

Links to Cornelis’ work at the end of this feature

Gallery 2

Gallery 1

Cornelis Verwaal’s websites:

On wordpress:

Artist website:

On Fineartamerica:

14 thoughts on “Cornelis Verwaal, Photographer, US – NYC

  1. I’m glad that the world is discovering what I, his admiring brother-in-law, has known for some time — Cornelis is a superb photographer with a great celebratory spirit that illuminates all his work.
    Warren Hoge


  2. Cornelis Verwaal a great photographer of NYC urban life! Always on the right time on the right place!


  3. Incredible artist. I love his intricate, maze-like lines – straight and spiral. His perspective is at once classic and modern. The contrast of his black and white work shows perfect focus – no graininess. He also catches people in very real human situations but adds to it by his framing, contrasts, angles. He may got up there in my list of icons: Brassai, Adams, Avedon, Vereen. I am wowed.


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