Robyn Graham, Photographer, US – Pennsylvania

 “My first camera was a Polaroid, loaned to me by my parents. Several point and shoot film cameras followed…”

Robyn Graham, Photographer

Robyn Graham is a freelance photographer living in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Dr. Graham originally chose a career in pharmacy, but has recently taken her passion of photography from a hobby to a profession and is now working as a professional photographer.

Robyn’s true love is fine art photography and her passion is capturing life through her lens to share the world with others.  She is an award winning and published photographer. Her work has been featured in ViewBug Photography Magazine, Art Quench Magazine, On Purpose Magazine, and several newsletters and websites.

At present Robyn’s work is represented at Simon’s Fine Art Gallery in Dublin, Pennsylvania, Art Quench Gallery, and the Buck’s County Project Gallery, Doylestown, PA. Her work includes landscapes, still life, and street photography as well as portraiture. The majority of Robyn’s photography is done in and around Buck’s County where she enjoys capturing the essence of the community and it’s history. Robyn is especially known for her work with flowers, subjects that she cherishes and finds inspirational.

Artist Statement

My love for photography began at a very young age.  I loved to take photographs and capture life, events, and special times with friends and family. My first camera was a Polaroid, loaned to me by my parents.  Several point and shoot film cameras followed, with the next step being a Nikon SLR.  Presently I use both a film SLR and a digital SLR as my mediums for capturing life one image at a time. The properties of light and their affects on subjects in various art forms, but especially photography, have always intrigued me.  Photography is my means of using light to create art.  I am especially drawn to the combination of flowers and light.  Two miracles combined to create something magnificent.  My flower images are always paired with a poem, written by me, or a quote, which symbolize the meaning or representation of the flower and/or the color of the flower.

My philosophy on photography is about taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary; about capturing life and life’s events; documenting special moments and visions. Using this philosophy my career has taken root through the publication of my blog, Robyn Graham, and through sharing my art and passion in exhibits of my work. Today, I am very thankful for the encouragement and support of family and friends and feel exceptionally blessed and humbled by being able to call myself an award-winning photographer.







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15 thoughts on “Robyn Graham, Photographer, US – Pennsylvania

  1. Excellent to see another familiar photographer showcased on your blog, Douglas. I love what Robyn does and am honoured that we’re able to appreciate and enjoy each other’s endeavours from afar.


    • Hello Robyn! My honor! I will be rotating more of your fine work, adding galleries to showcase your wonderful work throughout this next week! The best to you!


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