Christian Richter, Photographer, Germany – jeßnitz

 “my first attempts to capture these abandoned places failed. So I purchased a tripod and I explored how to take good photographs. “

profile_picture_by_christian_richter-d5oit17Christian Richter, Photographer, Germany

Artist Statement:

I grew up in the old German Democratic Republic and now live in jeßnitz, Germany.  After the reunification to Germany I became more aware of all the old buildings in my homeland and began exploring these fascinating, historic places. At first without a camera – I didn’t own one. Then years later a friend give me a gift of an old small digicam when he purchased a new one for himself.

It was at this time i fell in love – in love with these remarkable buildings and in love with photography!  For the most part, my first attempts to capture these abandoned places failed. So I purchased a tripod and I explored how to take good photographs. I began exploring all the amazing photography now accessible on the web. And this is where I began in October of 2011.

Today I continue on my journey and the buildings I seek out are empty, abandoned and forgotten. I travel far and wide around Europe and must search a great many locations to find those ruins that fit my vision. Its truly a wonder when I come across some great staircase or a setting filled with astounding patterns, textures and historic decay. Through this process I have again fallen in love with old architecture from past masters and am constantly reminded of how everything is impermanent. I am now using a Canon 5D mark II, 16-35mm f/2.8 L lens, and tripod. Most shots are 5 frame HDR and have been minimally processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

 I just had to share Christian’s work and because I don’t speak German and he speaks a small amount of English we had to work together to put this artist statement together for the readers of From 1 Artist 2 Another.  I truly believe you will become an instant fan of Christian’s work once you view his gallery and websites. I will be posting several galleries of his work over the next week! Thank you Christian for writing this statement and for sharing your powerful work with us!

Douglas Moorezart

Click each photo to view a higher resolution image

Gallery 5 – Coda

Gallery 4 – Abandoned Part 2

Gallery 3 – Down to the Sea

Gallery 2 -More Abandoned Stairways and Buildings

Gallery 1 – Christian Richter,  Abandoned

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