Mindy Sommers, Painter, Designer, US – Vermont

“I would rather start a trend than follow one”

mindysommers2Mindy Sommers, Painter, Designer, US – Vermont

Mindy Sommers is a top-tier, professional licensed fine artist and home decor designer with an expanding worldwide following. From home decor to fine art canvas, dinnerware to fabric and gifts, Mindy’s singularly diverse style and elegant hand is apparent in all her works. Her work can be found in many of the world’s fine art galleries and retailers including Bed Bath Beyond, Macy’s, Target, Pier I, Hobby Lobby and many more.

About the artist:

My husband and I are an art team living in Vermont, in a big, old purple house that our small town is *still* buzzing about.  We have two cats, Marcie and Casper, and if you look around our home, you’ll notice we still haven’t grown up. For Halloween, it’s toys and animated skulls and witches; for Christmas, every room is decorated to the hilt. We love color so much that our trees outside are studded with colored lights, making the whole area light up (softly) with beautiful hues year ’round. The neighbors love it. Yeh, they think we’re crazy, but they do love the color we bring to the ‘hood.

Color Bakery, a leader in custom tile, custom home decor and personalize art gifts, is much more than just our business, it’s a big portion of our life. We enjoy what we do immensely–every tile mural, custom tile, tile floor, clock, serving tray, backsplash etc. we make is truly a labor of love. Making beautiful things with our hands and working with luscious color is just the coolest thing, and we feel lucky to be able to share our love of beautiful things with you. I am the artist and my husband Glen is the color baker.

Artist Statement:

The CEO of a licensing company called me on a Saturday morning after having seen my work online on Color Bakery. I wasn’t really doing the kind of stuff that was licensing-ready, but I think he saw potential and was willing to take a chance on me. I am grateful to him for that chance, and I was hell-bent on making the most of the opportunity. It’s a funny thing—you sign, and there’s the excitement of signing, and there is some validation in that someone thinks enough of your art to represent you. But then you realize you have way bigger hurdles to scale. You look at your peers that your agent represents and you say, “My Dear God, these artists are beyond awesome, I am competing against them! Oh my God, I’m not good enough!” And then after you have some successes and you get more confidence, you realize there’s a world of artists out there—outside your agent—that are simply brilliant, insanely talented, and you’re competing with them for a piece of that very same small pie.

But I’ve learned to put that out of my mind and try to stay as true to my vision as I can, buck trends when I can, rebel when I can, pick my spots. I tend to be a loose cannon, I like non-traditional color palettes and would rather start a trend than follow one, but in licensing that isn’t always realistic. I’ve learned a lot and am still learning. Since there is no rulebook for licensing, you fly by the seat of your pants and it’s a continuing education. I love licensing for many reasons, not the least of which you get to sell the same image over and over again. But on a more serious note, it’s incredible to be able to actually work with a manufacturer to design a product line and then see the fruits of your labor when the designs you agonized over are now arranged stunningly on a showroom display table and the buyers are excited about what they’re seeing. It makes the countless all-nighters worth it.



Gallery 2 – Vintage POV

Gallery 1 – Mindy Sommers



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