Martin Sander, Painter, Germany

martin sander 600My art is a “painted diary”.   I’m interested in the commonplace – the things that are often classified as banal.  I try to give a  “dignity” to ordinary things that can easily be considered unimportant.

On my blog, each weekday, I share a new small painting – a “daily motif” – inspired by my personal environment. I started my blog and daily painting project one year ago. On the one hand this blog forces me into a certain productivity which does not allow me to be too lazy or too self-confident with my art. On the other hand it’ s a good way to reach persons who normally feel a certain timidity visiting a gallery or a museum. I feel great about this self-imposed daily productivity as well as my larger paintings, which are often inspired by my daily paintings.

– Martin Sander

(links to Martin’s blog and website below)

martin studio

Martin Sander’s Studio – Large Format Painting

I thank you Martin for working outside of your native language to write this wonderful introduction to you and your work. I’m certain many  from1artist2another  readers will find your art direct,  engaging and a “refresh” of every-day-life.

Martin has worked as an artist in Offenburg (southern Germany) since 1992. Mostly he does paintings, but also transforms his themes into “painted objects” or uses photographic patterns to create photopolymer gravures.


Martin Sander’s blog:

Martin Sanders artist website:

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