Larry Preston, Painter, US – Massachusettes

” I paint what I find beautiful. I do not paint to be relevant…”

larry-preston-1427645373-mediumLarry Preston, Painter, US – Massachusettes

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1951, Larry Preston spent much of his teenage years at the Worcester Art Museum viewing the museum’s collection of Flemish still life paintings. At a young age, he began imitating their work and eventually arrived at the technique he uses today to paint his still lifes and landscapes. Completely self-taught his work evolved over many years.

Also in his late teens, Larry embarked on what became a successful career as a musician. After 25 years in the music business, he decided to return to his first love, painting. Experimenting with many different styles, including surrealism and abstract his desire to paint still lifes and landscapes eventually became the focus of his work.
He chooses to paint those objects he sees around him. Simple, everyday objects that he finds beautiful and are often overlooked. A single flower or a piece of fruit celebrating the beauty surrounding us. Landscapes inspired by the bucolic scenes to be found around his western Massachusetts home.

Larry Preston’s work has won numerous national awards including several from The Artist’s Magazine, The Art Calendar and many juried art exhibits and competitions. He has been a featured artist in The American Artist Magazine (2005) and in American Art Collector (2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013). His work is included in national and international collections. He has also been a featured artist for PBS auctions.

Painting in oil on panel, Larry first sketches his work in charcoal and turpentine then applies many semi-transparent oil glazes. The resulting work has great depth and a luminous quality. A quiet, introspective quality is evident in his still lifes and landscapes.

Larry lives and paints in western Massachusetts.

Artist Statement:

I paint what I find beautiful. I do not paint to be relevant, for an audience or make any statement other than the beauty to be found in the objects I choose to paint. If the  viewer chooses to attach some meaning to my work, that would be their prerogative. I find that, in this modern world, there is too little observance of the beauty in our surroundings. The real importance in our lives. I paint to remind myself what I find important and beautiful and to experience the process of painting my chosen object. I paint for myself and the process. I am very pleased that my work resonates with people.

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10 thoughts on “Larry Preston, Painter, US – Massachusettes

  1. Wow! Stunning work. I love what he does with his backgrounds and can taste that juicy peeled orange through the screen. Impressive to be gifted in both music and painting.

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