Jane Davies, Painter, US – Vermont

“I wanted to know what happened if I just made art as a personal inquiry.”

Jane_Davies_Head_Shot_copy_mediumJane Davies, Painter, US – Vermont

Jane Davies is a full time artist working in paint, drawing media, collage, and occasionally encaustic. She offers workshops nationwide and online, helping people to find a personal and playful approach to art making.  “I am most complimented when someone tells me that my work inspired them to try something new in their own art”.

Beginning as a potter in the early 1990s, Davies transitioned into freelance art in the early 2000’s, creating artwork for manufactured home décor and gift products. Fine art had always been a sideline for Davies, but in 2009 she began giving it her full attention, giving up the freelance work in favor of painting and teaching workshops.

“I realized that I did not really know who I was as an artist.  My work had always been subject to the needs of outside demands – for sale, for a commercial product, or as instructional examples –  and I wanted to know what happened if I just made art as a personal inquiry. I still want to know, and it is that ongoing quest that keeps me motivated”.


Gallery 2 – Jane Davies

Gallery 1 – 9 x Jane


17 thoughts on “Jane Davies, Painter, US – Vermont

  1. I enjoy your work very organic and awe-inspiring. How do you know what to paint? Where do you find inspiration to do your art?


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